Jasmine & Michael

Jasmine & Michael


I have known Michael for about 8 years because he and my sister, Amy, became close friends while attending film school together at VCU. I would catch up with him at various events over the years and have always been thankful that he has been a great friend to Amy. However, I never thought that one day I’d have the opportunity to photograph his wedding! About 2 years ago, I got to meet Michael’s girlfriend Jasmine at the Women’s March on Washington and I knew right away we would get along really well. Michael and Jasmine had been following my photography business for about a year and reached out to me to ask if I’d be interested in photographing their wedding and of course I said yes!

I love this sweet couple because they were extremely easygoing and kind from the beginning. They told me that they wanted a more minimalist wedding and photography experience. They wanted to focus on having beautiful photos from the most important moments of their wedding day. I definitely get where they are coming from on the whole minimalism thing but we’ll save that conversation for another blog post! They chose to keep the wedding ceremony very intimate with just a few close friends and family in attendance and a much larger (120-person) reception!

The ceremony was scheduled on a Friday evening and the reception was set for the following night at the beautiful Willow Oaks Country Club in Richmond, Virginia. This worked out great for me because I was planning to attend a Harry Potter party that Friday night! I drove to Richmond, photographed the ceremony, drove back to Norfolk, went to the Harry Potter Party (dressed as Lilly Evans Potter, thank you!), and then drove back to Richmond for the reception the following day and stayed in Richmond overnight with my sister.

I loved that they seemed to have a strong understanding of what really mattered on their wedding day. They weren't overly concerned that everything went perfectly and looked perfect (though it did!). They were focused on each other and the commitment that they were making to one another. They didn’t get caught up in the little details that can so easily make many couples feel overwhelmed on their wedding day!

Both Michael and Jasmine have a background in show business, so that may have played a role in how calm they were as well! Michael directs films and has been involved in Turn on AMC, House of Cards on Netflix, and he just directed a play called King of Crimes in Richmond by the John Marshall Association! Jasmine is a talented actress (as well as a musician and a dancer) and Jasmine and Michael got to know one another while working on House of Cards together! Despite the rain, everything came together beautifully and I am so happy to have been able to experience their wedding day with them.

Michael’s mom was kind enough to send me an email after the wedding with some feedback that made my day. She wrote: “Hi Christy - Just had to tell you - ALL the photos are wonderful! You certainly captured the "spirit" of both nights - They are just beautiful! You are very talented and we were so lucky to have had you photograph the festivities. Thank you!!!“

Congratulations and many thanks to Michael and Jasmine and their families! Thanks so much for trusting me to take your photos on one of the most important days of your life.

I hope you enjoy the pictures below from their wedding day!


The beautiful heart-shaped locket on Jasmine’s bouquet was a gift from her mother!


This bouquet is actually dried flowers and will last forever!

These cufflinks originally belonged to Michael’s grandfather.

Jasmine and her friend Marta (who travelled to the wedding all the way from Kansas!) surprised their guests with a belly dancing performance! Jasmine and Marta have been dancing together for years and speak their own language via dance! Marta explained to me that belly dancers follow each other’s movements and communicate via signals. The dance is not choreographed prior to the performance.


Thank you to all of the amazing vendors who helped make this wedding day perfect!

Venue: Willow Oaks | Dress: Bridal Elegance | Florals: Etsy | Music: Dick Forrest